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About Apixii Applied Improvisation

Apixii Applied Improvisation 1527 Champa St. Denver, CO 80202, United States (720) 507-1876 info@apixii.com http://apixii.com/ Apixii Applied Improvisation, located in Denver, specializes in teaching adult students the basics of improvisational theatre, and encouraging them to apply their new found verbal adaptability and improvisation skills to the business world.The certificate program at Apixii Applied Improvisation is divided into six diverse educational modules that focus on valuable skills that will enhance your professional performance. Here are just a few of the priceless skills you will learn in each exciting module: The Listening Module: In the first module, the professional trainers at Apixii Applied Improvisation will show you how to empower yourself through listening skills and process information quickly, in on-the-spot situations. The Presentations Module: Imagine being able to control a room with your voice and your stellar presentation skills! Well, in this


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