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"We purposefully engage only in friendly transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve transformative results. Our specialized Portfolio Operations Group helps to maximize value by improving processes across varied elements of a businessís operations. We partner with exceptional executives and entrepreneurs to create what we believe are transformational companies of enduring value. We believe management teams that have partnered with BEHR appreciate that we understand the opportunities and risks inherent in their businesses and that we have informed views on market trends and industry competition. In many cases, we have backed the same managers in multiple ventures, and our partnerships with executives often span multiple countries. While we are active on company boards, we believe senior management should lead companies on a day-to-day basis. We work collaboratively with management teams to develop and execute business strategies, implement efficient capital structures, institutionalize operations and recruit talented executives and high-impact board members. We also share best practices from our current and former portfolio companies and introduce company managers to our extensive network of industry executives throughout the world. One of our most valuable resources is our team of highly experienced operating partners and senior advisors. These individuals, each an expert in their respective field, help BEHR source investments, diligence opportunities, serve on company boards, recruit managers and, on occasion, assume senior management positions. "


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