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About Joel Aronowitz, MD

Dr. Aronowitz's scope of practice encompasses most areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery with an emphasis on the use of the body's natural adipose or fat tissues for regrowth and regeneration of body tissues damaged from surgery, radiation and age with less need for invasive muscle flap surgery and foreign implants. Dr. Aronowitz founded the University Stem Cell Center in 2009 to conduct IRB reviewed clinical adipose stem cell research not widely available yet for American patients. These highly publicized studies use the patients' fat stores for breast enlargement and breast regrowth after breast cancer surgery and radiation treatment. Slow adoption of proven breast cancer surgery advances motivated Dr. Aronowitz to found the Breast Preservation Foundation (BPF), a non-profit 501c. The BPF works to promote innovative alternatives to disfiguring breast cancer surgery, such as nipple-sparing mastectomy. Charitable funds are used help advocacy groups educate women about these options and teach Oncoplastic operations to cancer surgeons in America and internationally. Many notable people and celebrities count Dr. Aronowitz as their plastic surgeon, and he is frequently the preferred choice of doctors for their families based on his reputation for natural results and skill in handling the most difficult problems. He travels widely to speak on Advances in Cell Based Surgery Therapies, Oncoplastic Surgery and present his latest clinical research findings...


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